How many exercises per day??

Hi everyone,

how many any exercises are you doing? How many are recommended ??

I only do walks on weekdays as it’s very hectic with work. I go for a run over the weekend. 10,000 steps on a weekday. My Samsung Gear 3 Smartwatch helps me to track my progress every day.

I’d recommend at least two sit-ups and one push-up per day.

hahahaha!! Sorry about my English, I meant practice questions, EOCs, etc

There’s nothing wrong with your English.

We knew what you meant.

Agree. I was just trying to be funny. Please don’t mind.

I do some practice questions every day. It just helps in understanding some concepts.

funny guys, haha, S2000 how much practice do you recommend ??

I know buddy, thanks for your reply. There are some days that I just read, and some days just practice, I feel like making some practice every day should be better

Man, do EOCs and then make flashcards from them. By the time you finish all EOCs you will already have every formula or note needed for the exam. Then, when you start doing mocks and CFAI topic questions, you can refer to your flashcards and if needed create new ones. By doing so you will revise topics.


I usually did 5 sets of 20 questions. Each set is a topic. Typically day might be 3 sets of FRA, 1 set of Quant, 1 set of equty… as an example.