How many have started L3 studying?

I am just completing SS4 (using the 2008 notes) today… I remember I was at about the same pace studying for L2 last year…

very impressive…I am waiting for the official results to be posted, even though I did get the link yesterday for L3. Either way, I plan on registering for the exam tomorrow and ordering Schweser. Have a baby coming in October and I told my wife that I need to get as much studying done at the start because I will have less time when the baby comes.

Funny. Really, really funny. You hear that sound? It’s my ribs cracking.

I actually plan to use a time machine to begin studying for L3 BEFORE I even hear about the CFA program, or the investment business as a whole.

I plan on studying for the CFA Program even before i was born. :slight_smile: Guys …no offense for those of you who have live situations happening, or who think they need a very long prep. The above is a joke. :slight_smile:

In fact, i’ve just checked the Bible and it clearly says: “In the begining God started studying for CFA L3 July 2009, way before he created anything at all.”

jajaja…If I pass…I will open the first book on January…

let’s wait…

> In the begining God started studying for CFA L3 July 2009 That’s one less month waiting for results. Wise!

Yeah, i studied level 3 … of Guitar Hero on Wii.

Well, I hope you guys will forgive me, but I did go through Immunization section of LIII level Schweser material (borrowed from a colleague) about a month back to learn a little more about it as it was part of a course I was taking over Summer. I remember the concept (could have saved S&L crisis way back), but I have already forgotten the details.