How many hours a day

How many hours a day are you guys likley to put in? I have to work next week so it looks like I might only be able to put in 4 per day? Think that will be enough? I don’t! Especially where I am at now! Spending the rest of the day memorizing formulas then only touching FS, Quants and Equity next week.

4 hours?! More than me. I have been locking it down this weekend with three 8 hours a day - how can I do 3 you ask? Magic… Shooting for 2 hours a night because by the time I get home - that’s all I have time for.

16 b/c im off from work thankfully booked it last year lol

I’m going to try and get in about 8 hours each day this week…not sure if that will happen but will try with working half days

I’m praying to god this week will be light. If so, I’ll try to start studying from 5pm to 12am everyday. I wish I had the week off!

4hrs a night… home by 7pm eat, study 8-12. Sleep. Do the same over again… Friday, in bed by 8 due to lack of sleep!!! not even hitting the books. Yup I am screwed! Almost willing to just wing it and hope next year is better!!!