How many hours are you all planning to put in?

How many hours are ya’ll putiing in

600 hours

Okay good, im going to be putting in about the same amount and I just wanted to make sure I wasnt crazy or going about this all wrong. I think whats most impt is to do it until you learn it, no matter how long it takes, or at least until test day

Yeah I will be putting in probably 600+ as well. I failed L1 once, and the agony of failing and having to go through the process again is not something I want to go through. I will put in enough time to pass the first time.

2000 hours lol ok, the real answer for me is “however much it takes”. i don’t count hours, rather i assess how much i have learned and can regurgitate in the time i spend studying. a person can easily fail this by “studying” 600 hours so push quality over quantity people!

20 - 40 hours/week. Average week will probably be around 25 - 30. I don’t really like to count hours though. As niraj_a said, it’s more about how well you’re learning the material.

As much as I can. Just think that you’ll have to put in almost as much if you fail.

600 hours seems pretty excessive to me…


how are you getting thru it so quickly that you only have to put in 250hrs?

Make sure to account for testosterone bias concerning number of hours spent. N(actual of hours spent/expected) = (testosterone bias) * N(publicly stated hours spent studying) I suspect: 2 < (testosterone bias) < infinity

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I am putting in 350 at most. Anything more than 350, I feel like I am getting diminishing marginal utility. I need to do whatever it takes to get >70% on each section but I will not spend time trying to get 90%.

How can one study only so much as to get say 70 or 80 or 90%? At what point in your study would u “know” that the study threshold for the desired exam score has been reached?!

I’m a perfectionist (which can be a very bad trait at times), so I like to learn enough to know things almost to the point I can’t forget them even if I tried. This usually results in spending a lot more time than needed studying, but definitely pays back as time goes on where others might have the knowledge decay much quicker than me.

i’m targeting 300-350. i think i’m pretty efficient when i study and i retain information really well, so 300 should get me to where i want to be on test day.

no idea how much ill study. i know it will be nowhere near the 500-600 range though. thats like 25hrs per week for the 20 weeks to the exam. as with lvl 1, its all about quality. if i can read the schweser notes twice, do all the questions in CFAi and schweser + spend a few weeks/month reviewing before ill be happy…

djjk1-same here. Schweser twice, CFAI questions, Qbank, 6weeks of review and mocks…probably 300hrs I’d guess.

ok fine maybe i won’t be doing 600, but i will study a lot. i don’t keep track of hours. however long it takes for me to know it is however long it takes. i’ve been studying since november so i’ve probably put in over 100 hours already.