how many hours do you think you studied so far?

i say i studed about 1,200 hours.

It’s something I’ve kept track of since Day 1 but I don’t like to talk about because it’s kin-

…you’ve gotta be f****** kidding me, right?

Is that across all three levels?

no, level 3 only

Answer me three questions, please:

  • Are you employed?
  • Over how many months have you logged these hours?
  • Why?


-8 months

-why not? i wanna pass!

1.200 hours / 8 months = 150 hours / month = 5 hours / day.

You are kidding, not parallel to your work?

Approximately 3,500 here (6 months @ 20 hrs/ day)

Sorry dude, sounds like you’re converting minutes to hours wrong; no way you’ve hit 1,200 hours for level 3 alone. If you actually have, well done. If you’re not busting 95% on every mock, well… I keep fairly decent track of hours, and just shy of 400 thus far; and I thought I was ahead of most- guess not!

I’ve studied between 430 and 450 hours until now, and I plan to work at leat 8 hours a day until the exam.

Fyi, I’ve no job :wink:

And you know what? I don’t feel confident at all. I’m a really sucker in english and I’m affraid of the test morning. I hate learning by heart something in my mother tongue, but in english it’s worst!! When I read my flashcard I retrieve something I totally forgotten (exemple, I’ve just read the relative value between FV gift when the donor pay the taxe to FV when it’s on bequest, it was out of my mind!! who can remember all the formulas and other difficult stuff like all the methods for an individual with a single position for managing it???)

well if it makes you feel any better I’d say your English in this post is just fine. It’s not perfect, but then again Ma Francaise est mauvaise.

I think I’m just north of 200. Will be around 250 by exam day.

I’d say I’m probably around 250 hours right now:

roughly 94 work days @ 1.5 hours per work day of studying = 141

About 18 weekends of averaging 6 hrs of studying (conservatively) = 108 hrs.

This feels like a lot to me, but apparently I’m a real slacker compared to people here

Don’t underestimate the level of commitment of people who actively post on study forums. You’re comparing yourself to some of the most obsessed (myself included).

1200? must be trolling…

I’m almost at 400 and feel like i should be feeling more confident than i am

I started the first week of November, been about 28 weeks since then. Probably average 12 hours a week so maybe around 350 hours so far.

I’m feeling more confident about this test than the last 2. Still waiting for an “Oh sh**, I’m not going to pass this test” realization.

this is trolling

probably 100-125, possibly less

12 weeks@3 hours = 36

April logged in perhaps 8 hours a week x 4 = 32

brings it to like 68, may so far 20ish hours so around 100, probably up to 150 before exam

level 3 is really lacking content compared to 2

I’m at 192.25 hours as of this morning per my log which is ahead of where I was last year at this time with lvl 2 so I’m feeling good. Taking off work today & the next two Fridays as well as the week before the exam to get another 60-70 hours in!

I’m way behind, relationship break up, applying for jobs and going to interviews and lately considering job offers has together with my laziness put me in a situation where I might fail level 3.

I took Level 1 during autumn 2012 with only 3 months of study, studied slighty more than 200 hours in that time.

I then took Level 2 during spring 2013 with only 4 months of study and pushed around 300 hours for that.

I estimate I managed to put in 150 hours so far and most of it in January-February :confused: