How Many Hours have you put in?

Looking back, I don’t see how 250 hours could possibly have you adequately prepared for this exam unless you have a strong background in multiple test areas. For me, even with Econ and Finance background I have put in around 350 hours. How many have you put in?

over 400 easy

somewhere around 400, no finance background (math background)

i’m just under 300 - i think i’m screwed though

~350 hours. No Finance/Business/Accounting/Math background…

Econ and finance background - 450+ easily…i think i need another 50 to go

I think I’ve been averaging about 10 hrs per week over the last 20 weeks…so about 200. Wow actually when you think of it thats just one lousy month at work…this would be so easy without a freakin job!

I’m sure I’ve done more than 500 hours. I’ve been studying since last September. I don’t see how 250hrs would be enough either.

300-350 … just picked up a fat 63% on Mock 1. Awesome. I think 250 hours for L2 is as mythical as the 40-hour work week.

So true ZeroAff.

ive put in at least 400+

I’m easily between 450 and 500.

I am around 350 hrs (have econ, math and finance background). But, I agree that 250hrs just does not seem enough for most folks… :slight_smile:

It’s a little depressing to think about how many hours i put in, so i’ll just say it was so many that my gf is pissed at me, haven’t seen my family in three weeks, and my cfa books have more coffee stains on them then a starbucks barista.

200 hours

Too much…

200+ approx. wish I had put in more. Finance background + job

gdiddy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Too much… Same.

guys all the hrs you put in on AF don’t count. if take those out, I’ve put in about 100 hrs.

~200 for me…