How many hours have you studied so far?

I am logging my study hours and I have put in 270 hours so far and I just finished sudy session 9. At this rate i’m going to spend 600 hours preparing for this exam. This is my first attempt at level II. I have an MBA so this should make it easier for me. Is anyone else finding that they will put in way more than 300 to prepare for this exam?

definately more than 300 for me…im estimating 500+…but im a slow reader.

i usually dont count how many hours i study though

I think i have put around 150-160 hrs tillnow. Target is 500

I’ve got 10 so far. I’m screwed.

I don’t keep track, but in guessing I would say I’m sitting around 250-300hrs already. I’m a slow reader, and want to try to lock in the bigger concepts first pass. In 2 weeks I’ll be in full review mode…and the hours will pile up even more as I get closer. I’d rather not fail. ha

Wow - assuming everyone is still in the initial reading stages? Are ya’ll reading the CFAI books (maybe counting hours for EOCs)? I’m just shy of 100 and I’m using Schweser…

I used CFAI for the first two, then switched to Schweser to speed up. I’m counting all hours put into learning the material, which includes problems.

Haven’t counted, but…

I’m all out of alts

I’m onto fixed income

I stayed up so late

I was reading for so long…

Thanks all for sharing your hours. I am studying schweser books, and i’m counting all the hours total so far, including propblems and including review of level I material before starting level II studies. I’m a slow reader so its taking me a while to get threw this stuff. 288 hours and counting! I’m glad to hear others are doing much more than 300 hours also.