How many hours needed for FRM part 1 ?


Can anyone tell me how many hours are needed for FRM part 1 ?

I have just given CFA level 2 and for each level of CFA we need atleast 400 hours

Maybe 200 hours if you’re comfortable with quantitative stuff. I was in the same situation as you last year, took level 2 (passed) and then took FRM part 1 in November, I did not start studying until after the results for Level 2 came out. Passed part 1 with all topics in the top quartile. Read the Schweser notes, watch BT vids and do BT practice problems. That’s what most people on the forum would recommend. Good luck!

I really think that to a large extent it depends upon how familiar you are with financial concepts, and to what degree that familiarity is academically based and/or practically based. The FRM is quite dependent upon already knowing financial terms and ideas, so expect very little explanation on more fundamental concepts. The exam material seems to be based heavily on the connection of ideas and how they interact and impact eachother.

So, with that said; 200 if you are comfortable sounds about right, and much more 400+ if you are needing to learn the basics as you go. Just an estimate as I see it. I have 17 years in the business and am still budgeting time for 300 hours, so that I KNOW that at least I put in enough time.