How many hours of studying is required to pass level 1

I know a lot of website say that 300 hours of studying would be required to clear cfa level 1.But According your personal expericence how many hours do you think is sufficient to clear LEVEL 1

You just want to pass the exam or learn?

both i guess.Since wouldn’t you need to learn to pass the exam .So how many hours did it take you to pass the exam

360 hours.

If you do 20% more than the average candidate that does 300 hours, your odds of passing should be better than a coin toss.

If you want to pass first time like I did, do 362 hours.

I was about to say the average candidate fails and on average candidates put in 300 hours. So yeah you will probably need more than 300 to pass. I remember doing around 400 hours. I comfortably passed over the 90th percentile.

Don’t count the hours - just study until you can pass.