How many hours per day/week are you guys studying on average?

I’m putting in about 3 -5 on the weekdays, with Fridays off and about 7 - 10 on the weekends and occasionally take a few consecutive days off here and there.

To be honest I’m not counting the hours - in fact never have since I began studying in April - but I’m definitely getting into game mode now… Currently marching through quant questions in Qbank, will buy a printer so I can print out and take old practice exams, no longer listening to music since it distracts from my studying time, etc. BTW the fact I was laid off from my finance job has definitely been a blessing in disguise in terms of my test preparation. Also gives me huge motivation to pass this sucker so I can stand a better chance of getting a new job!

Hi Guys, I think the most important thing to consider is the quality of our study and not only the time we are spending on that.

I’m using slimtimer (great little free web app) to keep track. I average around 18 hrs/week for the last 2 months. I need to up that to about 22 hrs/week for the final stretch

I’m putting in about 1.5 hours per day including weekends. Getting ready to step that up, particularly on the weekends.

I didn’t keep track until October 1 where I want to get 20-25 hours per week from here on out, so that is where I am at. I usually only count the time I spend reading or doing the assigned practice problems and not on Q bank for some reason.

I go to the library twice during the work week and study about 4-5 1/2 hours each time. Then the other 2 work week nights maybe do 1-2 hours of problems at home. I take Friday off. Study about 3 hours on Saturday, and then 6 on Sunday. So, approx. 20hours/week.