How Many Hours Per Day?

How many hours are you guys putting in at this point? They say to ease up a little towards the end. I am over 400hrs and my scores are where they need to be, but I have next week off work. I plan on putting in 3-5hrs per day I think. I was doing closer to 8 last week… don’t know how much good the extra hours will do at this point.

how do you put in 8 hours a day?

I did last week. Light work schedule, force myself to the office after hours until I finish what was on my study schedule… I just told myself I would rather put in the extra time now than have to do it all over again next year.

lucky to have such a flexible job.

I set out for 265 from January, which included a week off in march. I expect to hit that. Only counting quality studying, and rounding down for breaks. I got 6-8 a day this weekend. Probably 2-3 a day Tues-thurs, Friday will just be an ips to stay warm and some ethics/gips. Its’s go time.

I’m in a similar boat as the OP. At 438 now (have been recording daily in excel). The hours are generally “quality”, not a lot of days that are in excess of 4 hours since mid January. I’m putting in ~5-7 the next three days and putting in maybe 1-2 at the most on Friday. That should get me to my goal of 450 hours.

Good luck everyone.