How many hours to target per day with full-time availability?

I started studying last month and I only have until end of April of full-time availability. Starting in May, I am going to be extremely busy and will only have time on weekends until the June exam.

I am using Kaplan Schweser notes and have done a first read (along with working through problem sets) through FRA, Economics, Alternatives, Quantitative Methods, and Fixed Income. I don’t think I retained everything and definitely felt that FRA and Economics need to be reread. I still have to read through Corp Fin, Derivatives, Portfolio Management, Equity and Ethics so that’s 50% of topics still left.

I don’t want to overload myself each day but also want to give myself the best chance to pass. How should I best allocate each study day while I have this time availability?


Full time, as in your not working?

All the hours if you’re not working.


'Cause why not?!

That is correct, but only until end of next month.

Any tips on how to structure and allocate each day to pass this exam? I’m currently studying about 4-5 hours per day on average to not overload myself.

4-5 hours when you’re not working? I’m doing 3 hours a day, working full-time lol