how many hours you spend on cfa every day?

how many hours you spend on cfa every day?

if you are a serious dec 13 candidate, every available minute must be utilized for study.

Roughly 4-5 hours on weekdays depending on my job and around 12-13 on weekends. I’ve also made flash cards in my cellphone so I can revise during commute.

Yes, 4h approximately and full time during the weekend. It’s getting quite hard, 3 weeks to go and still a lot to do.

My friend experience even some health issues, so here are some tips on how to prevent the study from effecting your heath -

it’s merely 1-2 hours for me,CFA-III is quite tough ,even though i want to spend more time on it,

But i don’t know how to study it when face a number of materials,damn it.

June 2014 candidate here. I study less than an hour but daily. Hope to reach 3-4 hours mark starting January.

I am Dec 13 candidate… Will go for 10 hrs / day in last two weeks.

hey iota …

same here…me doing about 2 hrs daily… writing in june 2014.

Im June 2014 Candidate,Just started preparing for the exam.

I’m studing for 3 hours now. Planning to add one more hour from next week for preparation

I think its very less time that I’m spending for prepartion. But, Cannot do much on it… Cutting down all the activities that are not value added ongoing basis.

Fact is, I’m from technical background and working in Asset management company from last 3+ years. Dont have much business knowledge like all others.

So, have to strive hard for coming out with flying colors :slight_smile:

I’m roughly done with Ethics and Halfway to Quants… What could be the Next subjects that I have to study.

@crack What all subjects you completed ?

I’m roughly done with Ethics and Halfway to Quants… What could be the Next subjects that I have to study ?

The reason I’m asking this question is, If we go in a flow we understand topics better.

I wish I had 4 hrs /day last atleast a month. :frowning:

About 2-3/day during the work week and 4-5 hours / day during the weekends or any holidays. Personally, I feel this is adequate especially at this stage in the game since it’s mostly about reviewing and clarifying key concepts you might have not fully understood a few months ago.

if i have 23 days left… i would be studying 6 hours/ day on average!

did you pull that number out of your behind? 138 hours means what? ^—^

i usually take 2 weeks off before the exam, and i would study at least 10 hours a day!

and prior to the last 2 weeks i study roughly 2-4 hours per day?

so roughly 6 hours per day on average?

With just 23 days I have just completed 50% of study + its relevant QBanks. I need to drill down Economics, Equity, 50% of FRA, Derivatives and Porfolio. Damn I am bit slow in reading as well as the job that sucks unpaid overtime.

If someone could throw some strategies that would be great.

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