How many hours

did u study 2 pass L3? me 100 hours (braggin’) Anybody better?

Would you tell us how you did it?

It was JackD’s 6th time taking it, so it’s really 6 x 100 hours = 600 hours. :stuck_out_tongue: I was somewhere in the 250 - 300 hour range.

400 hours level 3 400 hours level 2 250 hours level 1 … used CFA books … the thing was, I was more interested in learning than anything else…I love knowlege…

passing doesn’t mean anything in the long run… if you don’t actually know anymore than when you began…JMHO

Totally agree with passed3for3. Used CFA books for all 3 levels and spent some 300-350 hours for Level 3.

I didn’t count but I’m pretty sure I spent way more than 350 hours preparing for LIII.

low 400 range

Oh wait. I forgot I’m on an anonymous internet message board. What I meant to say was I spent 90 hours and passed.

I logged 290 hours - tracked in Excel

XSellSide: it was 1st time. I was studing mostly for last 2 weeks about 5 hours a day (usually less than 5 hours). Before that I studied a couple of times maybe 1-2 hours. I did not make any tests (no time). I was studying from official materials. As there is a lot of it, I did not manage to read everything. I did not make any notes. In the morning before exam I woke up and was looking through the books for like 2 hours. After the AM I felt pretty good but after first 3 sections of PM I almost gave up, but then I said to myself "come on man, u’ll do it:). Funny but I did better on PM. My 40/60/80 score is 65%. English is not my native language. I guess I had some luck and besides I learn very quickly under pressure (and I read fast as well). Level 1 - 300 hours (totally in 2 seatings) Level 2 - 150 hours (passed 1st time)

417 hrs - I learn very sloooooowwww!

>I guess I had some luck and besides I learn very quickly under pressure (and I read fast as well). What do you mean “some” luck?

Zigy: I mean that when I was not sure, but I was just supposing which answer is right, I was right indeed. Mookie: When there is no pressure I learn veeery slooow as well.

LIII: ~400 hours

story - When I was doing my internship (at that time I was studying for level2)… all the Charterholders used to laugh when I asked “how many hours” … one guy was like “All I did was hold the books to my forehead and went in and wrote the exam” some were like “the day before”… When I speak to someone seriously about it - it become clear, to me at least, that on average pp study for 300-400 hours for l2 and l3…

I over studied @ 600 hrs, but it was worth it to pass.

I was in the high 300s of solid study time. It always seems like more when you are studying. Finally, at level III, I was able to make the most of almost every hour. For level I, I probably studied around 300 but only 200 solid hours.

“It always seems like more when you are studying” …And a lot less afterwards.

do you guys include time spent on AF?