How many hours?

Just wondering how many hours per week you all are putting in at this point. I’m somewhere around 20 - 25 hrs and I’m wondering where I fit in the distribution.

me too, trying for 25, usually getting in around 20-25

same range for me - 20-25

Zero! Haha. Maybe 5-10. Burning out a bit and going back on the horse next week.

<10 hours/week i failed it last year though so i refuse to be a slave again

Slash Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > <10 hours/week > > i failed it last year though so i refuse to be a > slave again No comment. Anyhow, around 25 hours as well, I was logging alot more during my initial read through in February and March, but I’ve backed it down in the review.

goal is 30 hours but reality is 15-20. I should not have taken all of March off.

10-20… I’d think you are in the top 15%

Keeping in mind I’ve got 1.5 weeks off before the exam, I’m currently putting in about 15 hours quality studying as an average.

shooting for around 20/week. will be taking a few days off closer to the exam as well. don’t forge we get all of memorial day to study, too…awesome.

around 12 hours per week

I try and get about 3 hours a day in throughout the week (including q-bank questions…mostly done at work!) and shoot for about 5 hours a day on the weekend… So total… about 20 - 25 hours a week…

30-minute subway ride m-f (x 2) (x 5) 1-2 hours, m-th (x4) 3-4 hours, fri 5 hours, sat-sun (x2) I’ve been out of the game though & trying to get back in. I’d be ecstatic with a 65%.


Close to 20. Sunday is my x factor. I tell myself I am going to go for 5 hours, and I cave after noon. I will have to pick it up, though. I am convinced the last month (with review and practice tests and q bank) is the most important part of the studying.

weekdays = 25 (2 hours before work +1 full lunch hour + 2 hours after work) weekend = 20 total = 45 The key for me is to start early in the day when the brain is still fresh. I tackle the hardest topics first thing in the morning. I can only envy those who can put a bunch of hours after work, I max out after 2.

what are your work hours, if you don’t mind?

when I’m good, 2 hours per night 4 nights per week, plus 3-4 hours on sunday. So 10-12. That’ll pick up over the next 39 days :wink:

7-8 hours during the work week. About 8-10 hours on the weekend. I really don’t pay attention to the hours…instead, keep track of how many pages I read. System worked for Level I very well…should be fine for Level II. I tend to go into overload during the final month though

I use the page count method as well during the initial read through, but in review I use hours or just generally go until I stop retaining info.