How many interviews average seeker has to go through to land on a job these days?

I have been through many phone interviews and on site interviews, and it seems it is extremely difficult to actually generate an offer. What is the stats average job seeker has to go through to land a job? number of job applied, number of phone interviews and number of on-site interviews?

I was pounding the pavement for 3 months after undergrad for my first job. It takes time. We’ve all been there.

define average job seeker.

Average job seeker in financial market: a master in finance or MBA + CFA (level I or II). Try to land an asset management position (either quantitative or not)

I would say that for every 10 resumes I fired off, I would get 6-to-7 HR Phone interviews and about 1/2 of them would translate into face-to-face meetings with the CEO or CIO and then about 1 would translate into a final round interview in which I would get an offer 75%/80% of the time…i.e. 100 resumes = about 8 jobs. Wonder if I’m above or below average? Willy R

The rule of thumb I heard from a recruiter is: For every 100 Cv’s you send, you get 10 interviews. And out of 10 interviews, you get 1 offer.

I think my stats are closer to 25 resumes -> 5 interviews -> 1 offer Quality job leads > quantity of job leads

I agree with XSellSide insofar as I tend to go for positions just slightly higher in responsibility than my incumbent role and not trying to “shoot for the stars” But also it depends on the city you’re in. I assume Toronto, NYC and London are probably way tougher because you have 1,000 guys with the CFA or 10+ years or a Wharton MBA etc., etc., Willy