How many L1 takers have undergrad business degree?

I must admit, I only started studying a couple of days ago, and I am very intimidated every time I visit this forum by the rate people are going with their studies. Just out of curiosity, I am wondering about your backgrounds - looking at L1 study material, it seems to me that if one had an undergraduate business degree with a good mix of accounting and finance courses, most of L1 would be review for them (with moderate amount of econ being always mandatory for business majors). I personally don’t have a business degree so I have a long way to go before I am ready for L1, but I was part of the business school and am familiar with the undergrad curriculum so I ask… just out of curiosity. How do business undergrads find L1 curriculum? How much are you studying for it? in other words, what was your undergrad major – something related to CFA or something totally different?

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Hey approaching_c, dont get intimidated…i was a pure techy before enrolling for CFA…business guys surely have some advantage but this is not something to get intimidated…just study the material which CFAI has sent to you cover to cover and u will be through…that material is panacea…and u need not to think such crap things at such a crucial juncture of ur preparation(ur exam is just a couple of months away)… so just chill and study hard…that is what pays off. My wishes. Regards, Akash