How many Mocks are a good number

I know that more is better, but how many mocks (full Mocks) do you think is decent

Only cfai mocks

So far, I did 12 full mocks. For the last 9 days planing to finish 2 more full mocks.

I did 6 Kaplan and 2 CFAI last year. CFAI mocks are more important and definitely more representative of exam day questions, but third party provider mocks will help you nail down pacing and identify week spots. I found the Kaplan to be a little more difficult and averaged about 67%, and averaged 72% on CFAI. My calculated exam day score figured to be around 73%. I think 6-10 is an overall good number to shoot for if you can. Many will do more or less and have a different opinion on it, but whatever works…

So far I’ve done 4 Schweser, 2 Konvexity, 2 IFT and 2 CFAI.

I plan to do 1 more IFT prior to exam day.

10+ is good

Wow, I only have access to CFA, did 2 for level I and will do 2 for level II. Plus all the question bank on CFA website.