How many mocks did you do?

I did 6 full ones, with 5 timed. I felt like I peaked at the right time, though it was everything I had. So if I fail, I am not sure I am going down this road again!

11 full mocks, started doing them at the end of April (first one was BSAS)

Wow, y’all did a lot of mocks.

I did 4 full mocks (BSAS, Schweser live mock, CFAI’s 2), usually splitting AM/PM into different days, and I timed them. Did the first CFAI mock twice, once in the beginning and once right before the test. I feel like I have a 75% chance of passing or so. Feeling comfortable with the core curriculem (FRA, Equity), so I’m hopeful.

Where do you guys get all these mocks from?

Schweser gives you 6 in their books plus an online mock. CFAI provided 2 this year. There’s 9… BSAS offers 1, elan offers a couple, local societies typically offer 1…

I did 12 mocks - 6 CFAI and 6 schweser

Though, CFA Mocks had refurbished questions and the 2014 sectional v/s the complete mock was very disappointing that almost all questions were entirely same!! :frowning:

I did 8 mocks (6 Schweser + 2 CFAI), but I reckon that if you do too many mocks you focus on stuff which is in mocks and you are at risk of failing if a topic was not in your mocks unless you supplement this with studying as well outside of mocks during the last two weeks.

Do you have a link to the 2 CFAI mock?

I was not aware about it

are there level 3 mocks as well for next year (finger cross) ?

How many EOC’s did you guys finish? I did almost all the ones from Equity and FRA then moved on to mocks…

Give me a temporary email.

The CFAI sent us emails to tell us that they were availables. Shortly before the exam they were made available in PDF as their system was not working perfectly.

6 sachweser/2 elan/CFAI mocks (2012/2013/2014)/1 fitch mock.

i did about 5 or 6 schweser Qbank questions

^should be enough

On the “basic” level, right?

MGR250 hammered away on the FRA section with those questions because he knew it was going to be heavily weighted.

I tried to hammer it home on basic for 4 of the 6. Then i felt compelled to live dangerously on intermediate for the remaining 2 questions. I think it helped some

1.5 mocks

I’m the idiot who paid $100 for the online Schweser mock and never even took it, so there’s that.

BSAS mock was frusteratingly easy and a poor prep tool.

What is BSAS? I feel out of the loop.