How many mocks did you do?

I did a little over 3, can’t say I passed for sure nor can I say that I failed for sure. Last year I maybe did 1 and a half and pretty much knew I was going to fail.

I wrote 10 mocks and I’m pretty confident about my passing chances

When you say you worte a mock - are you saing a 3hr paper OR a full 6hr (am + pm) paper???


I did about 10 and have no clue whether I passed though didn’t feel that the exam killed me. (Band 9 last year when I did 4)

Full am + pm

I did 7 full am and pm sessions mocks.

1.5 mocks…

CFAI June mock

and AM session of CFAI March mock

Did 5 last year. 9 this year. Full mocks too. Was planning on doing 11 (CFAI 2013, 2014, March and all Elan and Schweser) but didn’t have enough time. Feel really good about my chances, though.

both Elan mocks

focused more on BBs and EOCs which i thought better prepared me anyways

Anyone have a study group? I had a pretty good one, we met every Sunday and did some problems together. It was especially helpful in the early weeks because it motivated me to keep some level of commitment to the CFA even though it was easy to slack because it was so far away.

did 3 mocks plus sectional test on Equity,(90Q) FRA, ( 90 Q) FI,PM & CF.

I had an amazing one for level 1, well not really group but study buddy. She actually ended up being a very close friend of mine. For level 2 I had moved to a new city and we tried, but only one person other than myself was willing to have a set time, and then after a few weeks it just got too hard to find a time that worked, and I gave up on the study group. I think it helped me a lot for level 1.

It’s actually a great way to make a friend in the industry.

2 full mocks

Zero mocks, reviewed notes and EOC’s, think that was better coverage. Did Schweser mock last year.

I did 2 full CFAI mocks and I can’t say doing more would have helped, EOC’s and BB’s made the biggest difference for me, I feel good about my chances of passing because of my scores in equity, FRA and ethics

didn’t see the point of doing mocks, so i did sets of 5-10 practice vignettes for each subject. more like 15 for fra/equity.

completed about 7-8 mocks, beginning 5-6 weeks ahead of exam. Felt like the mocks were harder / more indepth across the board on questions than the actual exam. That being said, there were a few questions on this years exam that were really not covered in any detail on any of the mocks I completed, which is disheartening. Still hoping for the best as I finished in 9th band last year.

Took 7

Beginning and ending with CFAI. Schweser’s as filling.

11/mai 64,2% 24/mai 59,2% 24/mai 60,8% 27/mai 65,0% 31/mai 64,2% 01/jun 71,7% 04/jun 74,2%

As you can see 2 in one day. Perhaps one of the most stupid thing in this past 5 years.

Everyone has it own strategy. For me they were extremely helpful to:

  1. time myself and realize time was not an issue

  2. tough train, easy ride (from my trail running drill)

  3. get aware of important questions. In every mock there was a swap calculation. So I’d rather master it. Many other examples from this learning curve.