How many mocks will you have completed by 4th June?

I’ve realised it’s all about churning through the mocks and learning from those mistakes. Some under test conditions, and others vignette by vignette.

By the exam, I should have completed:

  • 6 Schweser - Poor wording but test concepts reasonably well

  • 2 Fitch Learning - Good mocks overall for style and concepts

  • 2016 Official Mock - Great practice

  • 4 old mocks (2012-14) - a lot of Topic Test repitition but good to get the wording of CFAI, though have heard the exam could be a little more straightforward

Thats 260 vignettes, or >1500 Qs. I hope all this effort is worth it!

What is everyone elses strategy?

I Have completed 6 schweser mocks, 1 official cfa mock, 1 mock from Wiley, 1 mock from my tutor. Done cbok eocs more than 4 times,wiley question bank(arnd 400-500 questions),Schweser eocs, practiced cfa topic tests 2-3 times.I have scored decently in all the mocks yet i am not confident enough.I am sick and tired of studying the same thing again and again(studying for the past 5 months full time).Waiting for 4th june eagerly.Hope all this paysoff!

BTW where did you find the old CFAI mocks?

Are the Fitch Mocks decent and worth the buy? How did they compare to the schweser ones? London training schools tend to better structure their exams like the real thing

My plan is 8 total.

3 Schweser Practice Exams - Vol 1 (Finished today)

1 Schweser Main Online Mock

2 Wiley Mocks (maybe 3 if time allows)

2 CFAI Mocks (2015 and 2016)

Somewhere in there I hope to finish a read-through of Wiley’s 11th Hour guide, and maybe go back through some EOCs.

My plan is 9 in total.

  • 6 Schweser exams (just finished 3.5 of them)

  • 1 Schweser Online mock (finished)

  • 2 CFA mock (2015 and 2016)

Will finish all the 4-5 mocks in the last week since I am taking one week off from work then.

In addition,

I am planning to

  1. Redo all the qestions I missed from Kaplan Question Bank which there are 800 of them.

  2. Read through CFA EOC quesions didnt do correctly for the third time

  3. Finish the last 10 item sets from the CFA website and redo some of the ones didnt score decent.

  4. Checkall the notes and review all the questions I missed from all sources.

After that, hope this will pay off!!!

Good luck to us all!

CFA online mocks CFA official Mock 6 Schweser Mocks and schweser live practice mock.

Is there a difficulty/structure difference between the schweser practice exam and the schweser mock exam?

i thought fitch was way too easy - did the cfai with 55% (yikes) morning fitch both with 72%…

  • 4 times already passed all portal topic vignettes
  • 4 times passed all EOCs in CFAI curriculum (some of those even 5-6 times)
  • 5-6 times all Schweser BB
  • 3 full AM & PM Schweser Mocks each time within same day
  • 3 full CFAI portal Mocks

I feel it is enough.

did 2 schweser mocks till now only

did about 35 Topic tests (out of like 80 total)

about 580 EoC from CFAI books. and about 200 Qbank questions from schweser.

I guess im very late compared to you guys. :S

I plan on doing at least another 4 mocks before exam day.

6 Schweser Vol 1 & 2 Mock completed 3 so far

1 Schweser Live Mock (review completed)

1 fitch live Mock

2 Fitch Mock

2012-2016 CFAI Mock ( this will be straight forward as about 70% is repeated in Topic Tests)

All 83 Topic Tests (Ive done abut 30%)

Overkill baby!

2 mock completed, planning doing all other four by sunday, next monday official mock and then wednesday one tutor mock so 8, the problem is not doing it the problem is reviewing but thats the point haha

You, candidate level II 2017, how many mocks you do by 4 June?

About me, 12 mocks.

7 + all CFAI TTs

hey Blackmamba - are the econ TT much value added vs kaplan mocks & the cfai mock? May not get to them as I am focusing on weak areas these next couple of days

Guyssss, when do you sleep? I highly doubt I will have done more than 4 Schweser and the 2017 CFAI mock in total… Today I barely managed to put 4 hours together and did the 3rd Schweser mock - got ~65% on each of both sessions.

Btw, I saw a couple of people mentioning the CFAI mock from 2016. How can I find it? Can anyone PM me?

Where is everybody getting the old CFAI mocks??

There is a TON of overlap between the 2016 Mock and the topic Tests that are available online. I just review the AM and PM session and out of the 20 total item sets 15 of them were also on available online. But I guess 5 new ones is better than none.

How did some of you guys get older CFA mocks?

Which ones are the new ones