How many mocks?

I’ve taken 5 mocks till date, and feel that I need the next week to revise and brush up on material before the exam. Would this be enough practice? How many mocks have you guys done?

I did 6 or soo mocks, and I’m planning for one more tomorrow.

Are you guys accounting for both AM and PM sessions? I mean, 6 full mocks?

I’ve been doing badly on ethics…consistently 60% odd and really wanna pull it up… Going to spend mon and tue on just ethics… Doing OK on the other sections… but still think i’d need 3 days to refresh Any pointers on how one can get better at Ethics?

I did 6 full (am and pm sections).

@Mythos 5 full mock tests (5AM and 5 PM)

6 full

I am taking the CFAI mock and all 3 elan mocks can you guys further elaborate on what type of mocks you are taking?

and what average? i took 3 mocks around 74~76 average CFAI mock a.m. 84 p.m. 76 do i have to be worried? +_+?