How many mocks?

Just trying to get an idea on how many mocks are enough. Is 8 plenty? CFAI Mock 2012 + 2013 + March 2014 + May 2014 Schweser Practice Exams Vol 1 2014 (3 exams in total) and Vol 2 (1 exam in total) How many in total are you attempting? And which ones?

That sounds like plenty to me. I’d like to do 8, I’d even do 10 if I had the time. As of now, I’ve done one. I’m planning to do at least 3 more in a “simulated test” meaning I’ll do the whole AM, take a break then do the whole PM. I’m doing the CFAI 2014 mock and the Schweser stuff.

Where do you get the old CFAI mocks, do you have to buy them? I only see the 2014 one.

Did 2011~2014 CFA, 5 Schweser and have 1 more schweser and 2 Elan’s for the next 3 saturdays.

I’m taking Elan exam #1 on Sunday. I believe Rahul Roy (The Godfather) is as well. Feel free to join so we can share our results/thoughts.

Regarding the original question, 8 should be plenty. I plan on taking ~8 mocks myself.

Yes please join us…I will take 1st mock of Elan between 11-15 may…

I get the impression that mocks aren’t so important at Level 2.

At Level 1 each mock was 240 questions and that was alot for each subject. At level 2 it’s only 120 and they may not weight the topics the same way as they will appear on the exam.

Sure, of course if you do alot of mock exams you will cover the material and it will be relatively in proportion to what you will see in the exam, but I dont think it makes such a difference at level 2 if you weight your study patterns for individual topics like this anyway.

I will be weighting my revision of the topics according to what they are in the exam over the next 3 weeks and then doing 3 mock exams before the real deal. I know this will still allow me to cover all the relevant material and stand a chance of passing.

Everyone has different study techniques. I don’t think it’s as simple as saying do X amount of mock exams and you will pass. It’s dependent on the individual and how much you have learned up to now, you capability to remember more within the next 4 weeks, study patterns, time you can allocate to studying etc.

I agree. I made the comment about people taking 5-6 mocks tending to do better on the exam based on a study… that’s correlation, not causation.

Given that most people only begin to take mocks once they’ve completed reading the curriculum, the people that take the most mocks likely finished covering the material earlier than others which mean’s they’ve been studying longer/have put in more hours early.

the 2012 cfa mock is absurd. I just took it full length. No words.

Where do you find these old mocks?

I think the most challenging part about level 2 is to extract the right information and apply your knowledge in as little time as possible.

Mocks help you prepare for the format, so you can do the first part efficiently. As far as knowledge goes, you can not rely on the mocks to prepare you for it as there’s just too much infromation in level 2.

So…the winning strategy is

  1. learn your LOS in and out.

  2. practice with mocks and get famaliar with the format.

  3. try to use 1 and 2 to your advantage and get enough correct answers on exam day.

I will try to do 6 mocks… If time permits…

The most important thing is familar with test format.

I just finished 2013 mock exam - morning session. Very challenging.

Seems need to keep practicing until…comfortable.

Can you guys please share where you got the past years mock? I think everyone here would be very grateful. Thanks!

I got it from my friend who is preparing level 3 now.

just did one morning session… and got 61% urghhh… I am forced to review and do the second half tomorrow.

61% is good!

doobs i got the same result. 61% total though, took it maybe 3 or 4 days ago. i feel your pain man, im panicking the fuck out whenever i get to this site, everyone else seems to be scoring 70’s when they took the mocks like 2 weeks ago! in any case, don’t do the qbank if you’re looking to do practice problems, the questions are terrible, and some of the answers aren’t even right. i’m doing EOC’s for equity, FSA and econ (god i ****in hate econ in level 2) and gonna give another mock on the 15th. i’m really itching to do another mock asap, but i figure its better i practice first before i try it (although this would be the second time i do the EOCs …)

hey man, i’m not trying to push anyone’s buttons here, but how is 61% good? i thought the minimum you should aim to get is around 70%

Target above 70% is for sure. But u still have 4 weeks!

abive 70 should be good but keep reviewing question you got wrong and ones you guessed on