how many mocks?

Im writing Dec Level 1 exams. Had a few quick queries… IDEALLY How Many Mock Exams should be solved before the exams? and when people say schweser qbank., do they mean the practice exams ? Or is there a volume containing only question bank and which is different from the practice exams…

I would do as many mocks as you can, and take them under exam-type conditions.

Carefully go back and analyze all the answers with the solutions (this is critical).

Even if you get one right, check the solution to make sure you got it for the right reason and it was not an accident.

Thanks a lot for the response. But when you say as many as possible…How many Do you mean? I just want your answer in terms of statistics…is it 6-8 mocks… 14-16 mocks…506-508 mocks…how many mocks/?

I think it will be tough to get your hands on that many…

I think 2 full CFAI mocks and 2 full Schweser mocks is about where you want to be (AM and PM). If you can understand and answer every quesetion in those 4 mocks, I think you will be in good shape.

It is okay to do the mocks and CFAI EOCS more than once.

^ I know that is not “as many as you can”…but legally, you probably can’t get your hands on too many more.

I think three mock exams is a reasonable number.