How many months are needed to study for CAIA Level I?

Hello, I am thinking of taking the CAIA Level I exam in March, but may be a little late to start studying. Does anyone have a suggestion for how far in advance (in months) you studied for the CAIA Level 1 exam? I’m not sure if 3.5 months will be long enough for me. Looking for some help out here!!! Thank you!

Good question! I’m in same position.

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I started early Dec and passed L1 with no issues. For reference, usually Kaplan’s live video classes start around mid Dec, so you are good. Good luck!

I am in the same position, did not decide yet if i am taking the exam or not. I see most people buy the uppermart qbank. What have u decided?

its not about the number of month but the number of hours you will put in studing. 200Hours may be required.
I used schweser for both exams, had no problem

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Hi everyone, I am thinking of taking the CAIA Level I exam in March ´22. I read on their websites that will be major changes on the curriculum.
I am thinking to study the 2 books they recommend in the Study Guide Sept 2021:

  • Standards of Practice Handbook, 11th edition, CFA Institute, 2014. ISBN 978-0-938367-85-7.
  • Alternative Investments: CAIA Level I, 4th edition, Wiley, 2020. ISBN 978-1-119-60414-3 (hardback);

I do have already the above books but where can I find the major changes as I could not find any updated book 2021 or 2022?