How many of you have nailed level 1 and 2 when you received the bachelors degree?

Just wonder, if there are many people who have planned to finish the first two levels before stepping out of the ivory tower, since in college time for preparing the exams is adequate, and what is learned from finance textbooks is still fresh in mind!

Noticeable is that CFAI doesn’t allow those who hasn’t got a bachelor’s degree to register level II. But I heard many students still managed to get through.

I know someone who knows someone who knows someone that is a Charterholder at 23 years old

Impossible. THat means this person has been employed at 19 years old…but I bet that’s gonna set a record.

That’s amazing to see that there are some really dedicated people out there. I only discovered CFA 6 months after graduating from my bachelors

Average age is 40:

I finished undergrad a semester early so I spent the spring studying for level one and working part time. I graduated end of may and took level 1 the first weekend in June. I passed but if i had to do it over again I would have picked up a second major.