How many off days do you plan to take from work before exam ?

hi All,

same like what i asked on Level 2 forum last year.

i am gonna asked you again this time (4 minutes) :

starting period : after13th May 2017

  • How many off days do you plan to take from work before the CFA exam Level 3 ?
  • How many total plan off days (including holiday on your country,satuday,sunday) do you plan to take before CFA Exam Level 3 ?

answer guidelines :

  • 2 points for candidate noting about off days he/she take
  • 2 points for candidate noting about total Implementation Shortfall

2 weeks!

I’m taking the 3 days prior to the exam off work. From today to exam date I’ll have 12 days off work including weekends and the Memorial Day holiday. I expect to put in roughly 100 more hours on these days plus 54 more hours in the mornings of the remaining 18 work days.

150ish hours left of this. My body is ready.

1 week. I need to get my mind thinking solely about CFA material and forget any work related issues. Quite frankly not planning to cram in the last week. It is mainly to review areas where improvement is most likely and go over a list of mistakes. Review some key concepts, and brush up on all formulae, ethics and GIPS.

Wow that’s a lot of hours! 3hrs before work - what time do you wake up?

Personally 2 weeks for me plus weekends. Feeling nervous but I think this time will help a lot.

My alarm has been going off just about every day at 3am since November 1st, although I’m usually not at my desk until 4am. Hit snooze a couple times, wake the brain up, make a cup of tea, etc. I get up that early on weekends too, mainly to keep my internal clock the same, but it also means I actually get to see my kids and make them breakfast and such.

All I know is if I don’t manage to pass, it won’t be from a lack of effort, and I’m at peace with that.

I really hope that you pass JayWill, that sounds like substantially more effort than I have put in.

The 29th is a holiday so I will take the rest of that week off. Similar to eveyone else, not really to cram but to get my mind ready for the test and taper from studying.

Thanks for this JayWill. I’ve been getting up at 5:20 so I can study before work for 2 hours (don’t get to work until 7) and after work for 2 hours (get home at 7pm), where I have less than 2 hours to breathe, eat, ironing, and if gym, then negative hours essentially (ie. eats into preferred sleeping time) - and I’ve been all ‘woe is me’ like I’m out here grinding to the max. I’ve also only been doing this exaggerated version for a month or so.

So you’ve officially humbled me and fueled some added levels to reach down the stretch. Thanks.

I will take days off after the exam for recovery and rehabilitation. I should go on sailing.

Took 2 weeks at end of L1 and L2. This year, took last week off to focus on AM all day. Then have final week prior. Hope to feel finalized by Victoria Day weekend.

I am starting off-work from today. i guess many of you already going off since 2-3 days ago.

I will try to maximize this ‘Lock-up period’.

Let see how it goes.