How many pages exactly are in the CFA1 books for level 2?

I am having a tough time calculating the pages in total (between all 6 sections) for the CFA1 book for level 2.

Can someone tell me the number of pages between all 6 volumes in these officials books for the June 2017 exam?


This is based on exporting the Vitalsource Bookshelf eBooks to PDF and manually counting the pages in each reading: 3,426 pages, A4.

The actual number of printed pages in the official hard-copy textbooks is highly likely to be different.

What’s CFA1?

So in order to create my study guide and have a realistic idea of how many pages I had to cover per day to remain on target (goal is to make it through all CFAI L2 and Kaplan Schweser texts and EOCs by April 1), I counted the number of pages from the first page of actual text for each of the 52 chapters to last page of each section, where the the “summary” bullet points begin. This count excludes pages for works cited, EOCs and solutions, as well as the ‘filler’ pages with art or descriptive blurbs on them between the sections.

The June 2017 CFAI curriculum comprises 3074 pages, and 2779 if you exclude ethics. Kaplan has 898 pages (809 ex Ethics). Having started reading in early Jan, I have to cover roughly 240 pages per week/35 pages per day to remain on target.

I have a cute excel sheet where I track everything about my preparation. It’s really helpful. I recommend do the same.

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