How many people have passed Lvl 1 using the CFAI materials ONLY [Books & Exams]

I’m just curious! And congratulations to all the individuals that passed lvl I in December! To those that didn’t, don’t give up!!

I’m one of them.

I went 3 for 3 by reading the CFA books. I am not sure why anyone would not do it that way. The LOS are layed out for you. The books answer the LOS, you just need to find it. With L1, I only wanted to do it once so I made my own notes from the text to answer each LOS. With L2 and L3, I read the books then went through the Schweser study notes instead of drafting my own notes. For all 3 levels, I also purchased the CD from Schweser with the practice questions. I did every since question on the CD. Weak areas I did twice. For all 3 levels, I took off of work the week before the exam and spent +8 hours per day reviewing and doing questions. By thursday, I was in the zone answering questions. On Friday, I looked over the notes in the morning and played golf in the afternoon. My view…there is no reason to take the test more than once. To pass on the first shot you need to put in the time and effort the first time around to ensure you know the material completely. It may be over kill, but it is better to put in an extra 50 to 100 hours for each level up front then to have to put in 250 more a year from now.