How many people read the material a lot?

To be totally honest, reading this material is a bit daunting. I already got my MBA and have seen 90% of all the material already. I feel like reading and trying to remember/understand all of the material 100% isn’t an efficient allocation of my time.

Do you think it would be more efficient to make flashcards for every LOS then do a lot of practice problems? I currently have Schweser books and class notes which touch on every LOS and I can probably learn/review while making them. My type of learning can memorize 2000 flash cards, but it can barely memorize 200 pages of reading.

Not saying I would skip the readings, just saying that I wouldn’t be focusing all my energy on reading and internalizing everything 100%. Almost like passive reading, then active reading for what I don’t know and get wrong on the practice problems.

Opinions or experiences with your level 1 studying?

where is ur mba from

I have a finance background but still went through the material once. If you’re that confident, go straight to the questions and memorize formulas.

Is making flashcards not the same as reading and learning the text?

I think it’s the same thing only more efficient than just reading.

My method is: I read the book and take notes along, which are a kind of flashcards only longer. I sometimes do handwritten, sometimes make slides.

And then for review I turn only to my notes unless I come accross sth in the practice questions which is not reflected in my notes. This happens. Then I add it to my notes.

I would not be able to just read the material like I read a book.

But it might depend on personality/brain set? Even in work if I receive a report when I read it I highlight, make sidenotes, otherwise I would be not able to work with the information.