how many people signing up for L2 by tomorrow?

I think I’m gonna wait until Feb to sign up. Only $90 more to manage the possibility of me not wanting to take the test in June.

I am facing a serious conundrum here. I was fully planning to register and re-take this biatch in June, even in light of intensive studying for the GMAT for the next three months until I found out two weeks ago that one of my brothers got engaged and they’re planning the wedding for next summer. Here’s the kicker…my dad tells me last week that they’ve picked a date and I’m all like, great, sometime in the summer so I can enjoy it, fly home to Canada and be a big part of this shindig. He drops the f*cking bomb on me that the wedding is set for SATURDAY, MAY F*CKING 30TH!!! Are you f*cking kidding me!!! Out of 52 weeks in the entire year and without actually being ON the day of the exam, they pick the single worst possible day/weekend. I seriously can’t believe this. So now, I’m having doubts about doing this thing again this year, as I’ll for sure go insane. I don’t possibly see how I can fly home, be all involved and even ENJOY my bro getting married, let alone give up AT LEAST 5-6 days of studying that close to this biatch? I just can’t believe my luck on this one and am seriously considering delaying this, although I hate to do that since things are somewhat fresh and I NEED to get on with this shite. As an additional kick in the junk, for some reason I thought registration was something like $480…not $600…WTF CFAI, c’mon!

The June 2009 CFA examinations will be held on Saturday 6th June 2009. you can do May 30th for the wedding.

oh ok - you knew that. n/m - just bad timing with the week before

zim, you’re brother dosen’t deserve you…

I had to go out of town the weekend before L1. Just plan accordingly. You certainly have the time. ALso, don’t get too intoxicated at the wedding–stick to beer and wine. Probably a good idea anyway, exam notwithstanding.

Just signed up for Round 2 of the battle! Planning to poke around a little bit before ramping up as winter approaches.

my brother-in-law is getting married on JUNE 6 in Southern Indiana. I live in Chicago. I am changing my test center from Chicago to Indianapolis and getting a room down there. I will take the exam, then drive an hour or so south to make it to the reception.