how many percentage to pass level II

Roughly can get 50% right on mock, anyone knows the approxiate percentage to pass level II?

From the scores I’ve seen, about 65%.

I think its between 65 to 70

no one really knows, but it’s thought to be somewhere in the mid-60s.

About tree fiddy.

Its gonna be way higher than 65 this year, cause I’m gonna wreck this curve.

thank you for all the reply

It’s not on a curve.

I heard that it was roughly based on 70% * [Avg of Top 1% of Scores]

At one time that may have been true. Nowadays they use the Modified Angoff method, which does not apply a curve. - This is a description of the Modified Angoff method, which the CFA uses…I’m not sure why this question always comes up. CFAI has addressed it numerous times.

Thanks. I was always too lazy to google Modified Angoff method before and just assumed it had something to do with the the 70% of the top 1% that people were talking about before.

Heres a bit of a longer read through on how the MPS is set