How many ppl in your test center

Hong Kong: 6,500

Got the reminder from CFA to take care of traffic…

how do you know this info?

CFAI email.

They send out special Infos for some centers. London must be the worst…

9500 in London

cool Frankfurt maybe around 1000?!

No email xD

I’d say about 300 to 400 in Kansas City. Very stress-free test-taking environment, they moved the location this year but now it is in the suburbs instead of downtown. It’s about a mile from my office, so I like the change.

Should be 1,000 max, I think I tried to count last year (had time before the session started) and came up with ~700… Are all 9,500 in London in 1 room? Or is it split up by level? Thought about taking the exam in London this year (same price for the flight), but after hearing all those horror stories about traffic and DLR after the test ends, I decided against it.

I live and work in a big city where people take the test in a big auditorium and it sucks from what my colleagues tell me. I drive back to my parents’ house and take the exam in a smaller city where you sit in a regular college classroom where I’m far more comfortable and take the exam with roughly 50 people in the room (maybe 300 total people at the test center).

It’s actually pretty comfortable and it’s worth the trip. Last year for Level II I ended up sitting right next to a few people I sat next to taking Level I the year before in the same exact room (same proctors, too). We all recognized each other and helped ease the tension.

Seperate rooms for each level, I think L1 might have 2 rooms. I’m not looking forward to the commute this year, think i’ll have to get up at 05:15!!!

Its not split by level in London - there are multiple rooms though (i think 4?) made up of two gigantic rooms on either side of the hall that each are divided into two. Yeah forget any type of public transport after the test. Best to walk a fair distance away and then get a taxi

I counted last year, too. Whatsoever :smiley: See ya in FFM.

My email doesn’t say… I’m taking it in Midtown NYC.