How many pratice exams is enough?

I jsut started… pretty grueling if you ask me… if i did one 3 hour session a day, you guys reckon thats enough (considering i did all the readings + end of chapters + 1300Qbanks)??

It might be but its crunch time and I would put in as many hours as you can get. I’ve done all of the readings, most of Q-bank, and a third of the concept checkers (in the areas I had most trouble with) but am still only scoring in the 50’s and 60’s on practice tests. With so little time left I plan on taking every practice exam I can get my hands on. I would take one as soon as you can just to see where you stand. That being said, you can’t just take tests… you have to allow time for review or else you won’t learn from your mistakes.

of course…that includes reviewing the wrong stuff…but at this point its all familiar to me… just some stuff sits better than the rest

I was wondering how many qbanks can one do in a whole day - like a weekend day? just asking cause I’ll only be able to start those in 3-5 days. thanks

If all you are doing is answering qbank questions, you could probably get through about 60 in 1.5 hours (give or take).

Don’t forget to read through / skim through the CFAI text once in a while to pick up on the minutiae. If you haven’t already, go through the item set questions in the text. Some of these are from previous exams and some are created just for our 2008 text. If they’ve taken the time to create a fresh item set - they will test it on the exam for sure. That would be my pick for the 08 LII exam.