How many readings to go?

Is there anyone out there on this forum who hasn’t finished reading the material yet? I still have left to do (in readings): Ethics - 8 Quant - 1 Econ - 2 FRA - 3 Corp Fin - 5 Equity - 5 Alt In- 4 FI - 0 Derivatives - 5 PM - 5 That is equal to 38 readings to go. Still have left to do in problems, (all of them). Anyone else out there? I realized this post won’t be applicable to many many folks on AF, so just disregard. Still appreciate your advice regarding particular methodology.

Ethics+econ=10 readings, but for now I am reviewing and doing problems instead of spending another two weeks on those two SS’s. Also mateial that I read back in Jan and Feb look chinese to me.

Woof. I wouldn’t wait too long before reading the derivs and FRA stuff. There’s a lot to memorize in each of those. CorpFin was not bad at all- you should be able to bang those out I one weekend easy.

I am having a hard time reading the material as fast, I seem to be taking longer than L1…gosh sometimes, I have barely moved, and it is past 1 hour, and am wondering what happened…where did I lose time…I am a slow reader, and I have to stop taking any notes…what is the point anymore…we are too close, yet I understand better by taking notes…20/20…not happy…still so so behind…I have FI, Derivatives and PM, and feeling like giving up… don’t envy neep…is this review for you or first read…what have u been doing? just curious? I am overwhelm as it is…but sucking it up…good luck to u and to AF plus maself…I need tricks on speed reading anyone pls!!

First small panic crisis here…I do not know why! I started to be stressed about the exam :-s “only” 4 weeks to go… Paul

Get a hold of a nice copy of all the formulas with ample space for notes around them, print, staple and use as your CFA L2 central.

pepp - u r not alone i have Ethics, FRA, deriv and fixed income to go…head down and do what you can!

10 more readings to go. this gonna be a long weekend…

You’re definitely not alone… I still have Alt. Investment, FI, Port. Management, Ethics to read and do problems

I’m done the curriculum, reviewed twice some sections, still have about half the CFAI questions to do. I feel like I’ve forgotten a lot again.

oh my god oh my god oh my god

same boat here… I still have to do Alternative Investments, that I am planning to do today and tomorrow… but I will start reviewing all the rest (doing CFAI questions) this weekend…