How many taking this time?

Last year we have about 16k, and 8k got passed. What’s this year? I saw only 1000 people took Schweser online… Just want to know how good that sample is

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not sure but that is a good question anyone know?

figure the people who bought shweser and took the exams are the stronger candidates anyways (ust an assumption)… and if 50% total candiddates use a provider, and 50% of those use Schhweser, that’s a 4K sample…(again, just an assumption) 1K took the exam… so I’d say if you are doing 60s-70s on the exam, you are good to go… assuming you don’t fall apart duriing the morning session…

i think only 13k took L3 last year and 50% passed - - so 6k coming back, 10k passed L2 last year - - assume some don’t come back and some return from years past that didn’t take L3 last year - - in past there has been slippage, i.e., more not coming back than showing up from year’s past - - so i guess 15k show this year agree with the schweser sample thought - - if your in the median range, you’re fine

Are most of us in US? I saw 78% is non-US now… are they using schweser and online exams?

mostly schweser from Asia rep.

78%? wow - - got to say, i wouldn’t want to take this test in french - or mandarin - - feel for those non-native english speakers

Sometimes I wonder if these books are in English…