how many times have you done the online topic tests?

its taking me hours and i have neglected a few, others i have done multiple times

my opinion is that there are way too many, CFAI should get rid of the ones not relevant to the paper

if its too many you started too late.

They are all relevant.


I did each 2x and those I needed more practice at least 1 additional time.

I did them a few times

I’ve done all once; some of the topics that I have had a difficult time with, I did more than once.

All of them once through. Many of them a second time (lower scoring ones), and some a third time

Twice for me. Also, I printed several that I’m using as part of the final review process.

ok good benchmarks, cant help but be frustrated

At least 3 times each. Once every month starting in March. May go another round today…

They’re not that important at thus stage. The questions are not presented as they are in the actual exam. Relook at some old AM exams is better use of time if your desperate.

Two times in full and 2 additional times with large samples. I found them more straightforward and easier then L2 TTs and had a high score even in first round.

3 cycles plus I have noted 10 hard ones to visit again but I guess I won’t… I’d rather sleep now.

Started working on these back in February. Been over 'em twice at least and reviewed the difficult ones one additional time this week during revision.