How many % to pass exam?? (and sample question)

How many % do we need in order to pass the exam? How do you know it? I have made book 6 with the following scores: 58,83,77,71,73,63 and a sample with 63% I was told that i FAILED the sample because i got less than 70%. Do we need that much to pass? I thought it was about 63-65% Do you think the the samples and mock exams on CFAI website are more difficult than normal? I’m pretty nervous here…

I heard CFA take the top 1 % scores on the exam and then take 70% of that to get a passing score. Assuming someone scores 100% I guess the score needed to pass will be 70. However, if the top 1% is 95 then the passing score will be 66.5, which is an F in college :slight_smile:

the “definite” level is 70%. Nobody knows what the exact percentage is.,736199