How many weeks off before the exam?

I was planning on taking 2 weeks of time off from work before the exam. With at least 50 hours of study time each week, it should represent close to 1/3 of total study time for the exam… Are you guys planning any time off before the exam? Any one going to take 3 weeks off or more??

I’m just going to do one or two days and only study in the AM. I wouldn’t do well with your routine.

I’ll take a week off and study 8 - 10 hours per day M - Th. On Friday I’ll probably just lay around, read, play chess, etc. I may do a VERY light review of formulas and/or ethics, but mostly just relax and get a good night’s sleep.

The more you can get away with the better. I took off a week for Level 2 and am hoping to do the same this year.

Bankin’ Wrote: > On Friday I’ll probably just lay > around, read, play chess, etc. That’s what I did before Level I and tried to do for Level II but didn’t succeed at that because I was anxious about the exam and wanted to review everything.

I might take the week off to do some sample exams, but I have not really started to study yet so … we’ll see…I am planning on starting the reall studying on Feb 1st (this sunday)

The sleep you get on Thursday night is more important than the sleep you get on Friday night.

One week - will study 16 hrs a day during that week…same as L1 and L2.

I’m only planning on taking a day or two, for previous levels I took a week off though this year I want to maximize my leave at the end of the year

I am going to take a week off in mid May to go to Dallas then probably 3-4 days right before the exam.

Definitely not a strategy I could follow… I’ve done well by just doing alot of studying along the way and following an 18 week plan or so (along the Schweser class schedule). Leaving so much at the end would only increase the risk that I flake out or freak out. I’ve scheduled that Wednesday through Friday before the exam off, but I’m hoping I barely need them. I will, however, take intermittent days over the next three months in order to catch up / maintain my study schedule.

I am taking off seven weekdays before the exam.

no time as of now. i’m starting new job and do not know if I will be able to take days. job before exam - i have taken 8 nonconsecutive days off before the exam for 1 and 2.

Just the week before the exam.

2 weeks

2 weeks for me too. I need that + the 4-5 months before to prepare.

Just one week before the exam, same as I did for L1 and L2. I usually do 2-3 practice exams and review. The day before I re-read Ethics.

I get 1 week paid off for the exam. That’s all I will take. Studying for a week straight makes me crazy, I put in 12+ hrs a day, I couldn’t imagine taking more than a week off. Plus I use my extra days off for vacation… those are valuable!

I will take 2 weeks. Took 1 week level 1, 2 weeks level 2 and wish I could take 3 weeks this time around. Too much stuf, no calcs!!

Wow, studying 16 hours per day during 7 days in a row, sounds impossible!! How many pills of Ritalin do you take to achieve that?