How Millenial Are You (Quiz)

I’ll bet that I was born beforer 1980 than you were.

Scored 23. Was born after 2000

Indeed, you are the Doogie Howser of AF.

No argument from me.

As a consolation prize for being doddering old seniles, we may perhaps possibly get some real Social Security and Medicare benefits, unlike these young whipper-snappers who are basically paying into a Ponzi scheme. But that’s just my 2c.

You make it sound like we don’t know and that we can do something about it.

Got a 93% which is interesting since I think of Millenials as unemployed hipster douche bags playing on twitter all day, for the most part.

I scored an 86. However, it seems that many of the questions are weighted towards the use of technology - internet, TV (or lack thereof), social networking, and cell phones. Only one question addressed jobs and careers. Some questions seemed superficial - did I contact a government official recently? Huh?

I suppose this survey is meant to focus on the habits that millenials can consciously control, as opposed to factors that might define young people nowadays but are beyond our control - do we have a full time job, college degree, how much are we paid, who pays for our health insurance, etc.

Perhaps the survey is also meant to calibrate the definiton of “millenial”. We are asked our age at the end, so perhaps the purpose of the survey is to define the habits of respondents in those age groups. If you provide answers that are the same as people in the “millenial” age group, your millenial score will increase.

Edit: Based on the distribution of responses at the end, it’s also possible to determine which responses are more meaningful in separating “millenials” from other groups. For instance, people in the “millenial” age group were more than twice as likely to have parents who stayed married compared to the “boomers” group - this was surprising to me, as I expected the opposite result. Other questions provided no meaningful separation between the age groups - for instance, all age groups gave roughly the same response when describing their political views.

Other questions might just relate to the current age of respondents and not the year of their birth. For instance, “boomers” were more likely to say their careers were very important. However, this might just be because they are older then “millenials” and have mortgages, kids, impending retirement, etc.

38% for me. Not sure how to take that.

81%, born in the mid 1970’s.

76, born in 1970. Interesting that the landline thing is so important, because my “landline” is a VoIP line. If I say cell phone only, which I was for about a year, my score jumps to 89.

Only reason I can think for landline being so important is that it seems more like a family thing. A single person has no need for a landline. Someone with kids who might not be old enough for a cell phone but still make calls or a family living in a house where it doesn’t matter who picks up would work. Ex) A family member calls your house landline it wouldn’t matter who picks up because its still family, but millenials are younger and not settled down so maybe that’s why?

Ohai, you are taking this quiz way too seriously. Pretty sure the quiz maker devoted less thought to the weightings.

The only that I can think of why anyone would need a true land line would be if there is an emergency and all cell phones do not work. Otherwise, it would be cheaper and more convenient to just have a house cell phone that you just leave in the kitchen or something.

Naren: Yes, probably the quiz was constructed in a somewhat superficial way. However, this does not mean that the data cannot be used to draw thoughtful conclusions.

My issue is what actually constitutes a “landline”? I don’t have a traditional landline, I have VoIP (Ooma, specifically) because I travel to South America every year for a month at a time and need a reliable US-based phone number for work. Is that really a “landline”?

scored 89. age: 25. lol i’d consider it a landline.

Get over it. You scored 76.

Scored 98% lol. Born in 1989.

It’s no fun to get over things.