How Millenial Are You (Quiz)

I scored 91

Born in 1983

What do they mean by ‘millenial’?

I scored 62%

The generation in their 20’s now.

So the definition would probably be people born in the 80’s and early 90’s i guess.

91% - Millenial




Ok. I think we all need to go back and edit our scores and put if you’re Millenial or Not Millenial. If not the scores alone don’t tell much and I’m curious how accurate this is.

The whole thing is dumb. I scored a 73. I changed a single answer, and the score became 50. I pay for but do not use a landline phone. It’s part of our package but we’ve never set it up. I answered “Cell Phone Only” the first time. Then I changed to both. If fully 1/3 of my “millenial-ness” is depenedant on whether or not I plugged in my landline, the whole thing can be disregarded.

  1. And I was born in 1980, which is right on the line between Gen. X and Millennial.

Fuck I am old.

I disagree…I think having a landline should materially decrease your “milennial score.”

Obviously you’re a special case, but I don’t think this is a reason to discredit the quiz…Especially because what the hell does this even tell you anyway?

^Yeah I’d say the r^2 between someone being a millenial and not having a landline is pretty damn high.

I don’t have a landline and I still scored a 55%. I consider myself solid Gen Y, but I get the feeling like Millenials are younger than I am, personality-wise.



58, born in 1983

  1. born wayyyyy before 1980. Although I beat S2000 smiley

A solid 75.

81%. I was born in the 80s