How much clout does CFA L1 carry in SA?

To those in South Africa, particularly in managerial positions, how far will having CFA level 1 get a person in terms of being hired? I have a bachelor’s in finance and about 3 years experience in Zimbabwe and am writing in Dec 08.

not much, unless you’re black south african. i’ve been in SA for 6 months now and taking level 1 in june. the job market for foreigners here is rather discouraging. not sure what the policy is for zimbabweans. could be different for black zimbabweans and whites.

CFA carries much clout in all markets.The job market in SA is very harsh due to several factors , legislation, Xenophibia etc and this mix of factors is applied selectively with Zimbabweans being the major victims.So getting Level 1 is a good starting point but does not guarantee you a job.