How much did it cost?

Just wondering: who will end up paying the most/least for their charter? Assuming you passed Tuesday, how much did your charter cost? Explicit costs (fees, books, prep classes), as well as an implicit capital charge for the opportunity cost of your time…divide your annual comp by 2080 (52 weeks*40 hours) to get an hourly rate, then multiply it by total hours invested in CFA prep. Remember to include any incremental positive or negative cashflows stemming from busted relationships, stress-relieving lap dances, etc. Assuming I pass Tuesday, I figure mine cost ~ $90,000 ($2000 fees/books, $2500 gift for the wife to hang in there, 3x300 hours per level @ $96/hr. Hard to value the 3 year option I had to skip out on my wife’s friends’ kids’ birthday parties - has to be + NPV. Anybody pay more? less?

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