How much did Q-Bank help you get prepared?

To those who studied hard, either with the books, or notes, and then used Q-Bank, does it help to get things more in concrete and get a good handle on everything? Also, How does Q-Bank questions compare with what we can expect on the exam/what questions are on a CFA practice exam?

i would have failed without it let me put it this way: when i started doing qbank questions i averaged 55% 4 weeks later (no repeat questions) i was averaging 80%

also, qbank questions have a much larger computational component than the real exam but it is a must-have resource to pound all the concepts into your head, unless you have an extensive background in finance

Cool. Hey Super, or anybody really, does Q-Bank give you answers and explanations after each question?

yes schweser qbank gives you the option of - reviewing your answer as soon as you answer the question - reviewing all your answers at the end of the session or both same goes for stalla passmaster

Ok good. Thanks! I just figured it out. I have 1162 pages left in Schweser notes to study to get through for the second time, and if I want to get done at least 30 days before the exam, I’ll have to read roughly 25 pages a day, 7 days a week to accomplish that. That isn’t too bad. I figure if I can knock out 40 pages on good days, I should be in real good shape to have plenty of time for Q-Bank and review.

I took long 120 question Q-bank exams + review concepts using Secret Sauce. I felt very well prepared while taking the exam.

Q bank was key.

stall passmaster ok?

qbank was clutch. a lot of people complain that the qbank is heavy on the computations, but the test will ask you questions where you can only answer correctly if you know the equations inside and out. in the last 2 months, i would do 60-120 questions each night with at least 240 on the weekends. there’s no substitute with good ol’ repetition and hammering it into your head. good luck!

Q-Bank is a must and its good. Stalla questions are also great and in some topics have more questions and the difficulty level also seems higher.

I have been answering the questions in the CFAI and Schweser Notes (I just read evertyting first, now I am going back to do questions and in depth study.) Do you think the Q-Bank could be a total substitute, in other words, now that I have read just hammer questions until test day? I have wbank, but I was just doing book questions first.

i have been looking at the CFAi questions a little, but hit a hurdle when i got to FSA SS 9. too many complex questions frightened me. seemed like a waste of time so i moved back on the qbank. quant and fixed income where also a little heavy for my liking. theres no doubt that they’ll help you grasp the concepts better though - its an opp cost situation…

And which format did you chose for Qbank? I’ll get it in the coming days asmany people said it is a “must have” but i cannot chose which formula is the best. (even if we have to pay the same price as people who get it at the beginning of the year :@ - I asked for a rebate to schweser but their answer was negative…) Online? Cd-Rom? Or download? All are the same? I cannot find the info on Schweser site. thx for yous answers buddies!

yeah, those FSA SS 9 questions in CFAI are a bit overkill, i just did the first few problems in each section of that area and thought that was suffice

Did you guys did or plan to do all the QBank questions? That’s more than 4000 questions and I don’t think that I will be able to do all of them with a demanding full time job…I feel that it’s taking me forever to finish quants and ethics(watching the video, read Schweser book and answer questions in the book took me a month!). Moreover, this is only book one…four more to go… :frowning:

how about the stalla videos? anyone think those were beneficial, im thinking about skipping that altogether and just concentrating on the books and questions.

i watched all the stalla videos, it was the only way i could do cardio every day without feeling guilty about not using that hour to study if you have them they are worth watching, especially the problem solving sessions

nice idea bro, i might have to do that myself

I really liked the Schweser videos. It was adequate coverage that to me seems much less painful than the actual readings. I didn’t read the books but instead used the videos. it seems like it was a huge time saver. Now, when answering questions, you discover where you are weak and can use the books to shore up those areas…