How much did you pay for L2?

CFAI charged me $615.00 I thought it was $990.00 as shown on the website?

dude, CFAI charges $600 for Level 2 if you sign up by Sep 24…

They charged me $550. You must get a $50 discount if you are a repeat offender.

charged me $550 as well…

ah, its my first attempt at L2, figures.

I am still wondering how come idesire is charged $615 unless he paid by a card issued in non-dollar denominated currency and lost $15 due to fx

$550. I purchased on 9/22.

$550 here. is it possible that $15 might be sales tax or customs on shipping the books?

Yes it was 600$ + 15$ for shipping

550 - 9/23

611 USD toronto ontario