how much did you spend on L1?

I am planning to take L1. For those who are currently enrolled or already took L1, I would like to know an estimate of the total cost. ie. the fees for enrolling for L1 + notes + books + online material + sample + etc. Thanks.

990 to enroll early. Schweser 600. Practice tests 200

KJH has pretty much summarized it. Add on-line classes + the cost of a failed test the year before I passed Level I (while I still thought I could manage on the CFA curriculum alone, without the practice tests and on-line classes).

… that’s like >1/2 of a term’s tuition right there … sigh =\

Registration $780 CFAI Texts $395 Schweser $479 Practice Tests $150 Total $1,804 Passed Level I in Dec 07. The CFAI text were seperate from enrollment last year, bought them 7 months before text, then purchased Schweser study notes and Qbank in September.

Registration: USD780 Photocopied Schweser Notes: About USD180.