how much do books change

Okay I know, I can download the syllabus and compare, but that would take for ever, and with a 50% pass rate I am sure plenty of repeaters can answer my question. No disrespect intended, who knows I might join you soon.

I am busting my ass for this Level III, but I just don’t know if I will make it, so I was wondering how much will my effort help me if I was to repeat next year, is it usally a huge change, can I keep studying with 2011 books if result comes out as fail, so that I wont end up cramming like i did this time?

only thing that changed from latst year is SS 3 - major overhaul

Some minor changes: adding EOC Questions for corp governance. Adding something called CPO in SS13.

Chapter AMC has been updated since 2011. Added risk management.

isn’t GIPS overhauled?