How much do you sleep and study?

Curious to know what time you guys wake up if you have a full day to study (weekend or a day off), how many hours you spend actually studying in one day and what time do you go to sleep.

I’ve been aiming to get up at 6am, study for 6-8 hours (excluding eating and breaks) and sleeping by 10, but haven’t been able to do so consistently…

Anyone managing to maintain a similar schedule?

I guess nobody sleeps

In the last month its difficult to say… but usually i sleep alot and i study alot… I wake up at 9AM sometimes earlier at 5AM (With last 3 weeks off)… Study until 8PM… My mind is shut off at night (Only for solving questions, reading gets boring at night)… So usually 8-9 hours of sleep and 12 hours of study (but i break them out)

I start studying way too late (at like 10:00), but I put in 9-10 hours every day.

I sleep alot too, like around 9 hours. Have some trouble falling asleep though. Must be the stress creeping in.

I do 2 or 3 bouts of 2-hour study sessions. Too much fries the brain, too little is a waste

I Encourage you to start sleeping early and wake up early… especially in the last week (try to run for 30-mins), maintain healthy and balanced food… Take small naps in the middle of the day (45mins to 1 hour), Read Shcweser concept checkers.

How do you all study 8-9hr a day…? You talking about weekends right?..

During the week I get home a 8pm rest for an hr and then study for 3hrs till midnight. Wake up at 7am for work. On the weekend I can do about 8hrs each day.

On weekends I go to bed at 12, wake at 8, study from 9-12, then 2-5, then 7-8.

Total sleep = 8

Total Study = 7

My thoughts exactly! It’s hard to compete with full time students…

This past month my schedule has been the following:

Weekday: 2 hrs before work, 1 hr at lunch, 1-2 hours after

*gf and life limit me to that much

Weekend: 3 hrs in morning, 3-4 hrs midafternoon

sleep 4-5 hrs

i have a full-time job, 2 kids and a pregnant wife. i don’t sleep, i eat like shit, and study.

Heard that. Nothing to do but crush

I started late (Late March) so the last month has been work 8-5 study 6:30-10:30.

On weekends I just put in as much time as possible. Usually about 8 hours.

Not taking any time off. I will probably end up putting 150 hours in during May alone, it has been a grind.


Full Time job, five kids. I study after work, from about 7 to midnight, sometimes 1:00. Been doing that for about a month. Cut out everything–workouts, fun, TV, kids, etc.

Getting close though, it has been worth it. Gotta suck it up.