How much do you spend on shoes?

I’m talking creps, boots and smart shoes (sneakers, workboots and dress shoes).

I started spending a bit more on shoes recently… I used to (back in the day) buy £3 plimsolls and rock them all summer. Then i upgraded to c£60 each. And now i’m spending between £150 - £300 on a pair - they look awesome and people actually notice things like that… when you have some nice clean dress shoes on. They’re top quality British made.

You think there is much value add?

P.s. anyone own Redwing boots here? I am thinking of getting some for fall/winter… (ah jeez I’m sounding more merican er’day)

i just get 100 dollar shoes, but usually when they have discounts deals. black friday status, lol. i think you should dress for comfort. keep in mind, youre wearing this shit a lot.

My leather sole dress shoes were $400-600, rubber sole

I love how people are willing to spend hundreds on shoes with crepe outsoles. Shoes with crepe outsoles were the ultimate bo-bo’s when I was growing up. You could buy them at K-Mart for $4.

I have one pair of Fred Perry crepe shoes, not a fan. Felt a little prick on my heel and it turned out a large shard of glass had pierced the rubber and was digging into my liner.

I’ve moved from aldo, clarks to fashion brand (Boss, Prada etc) dress shoes to traditional makers with goodyear welts. Recently bought a 200gbp pair of Loakes. The break in period is a b!tch but they look quite sharp. I’m hoping they last 10 years and get them resoled every other year. Bit tired of wearing out 100$ shoes after a year and having to decide if I like them enough to redo them for 60$.

I spend $60-$100 on my everyday shoes (boat shoes). Boots, I’m going to spend $200-$300, and dress shoes I generally get for about $40-$100, but every couple of years may buy a pair of Allen Edmonds. We have a Johnston and Murphy outlet store 20 minutes away from us and the shoes there are marked down to insanely low prices because a a size 10 might be labeled as a size 9, or there may be some extra glue near the sole (but that’s easily wiped off). I got these for $100 (down from $300). I still can’t figure out what is wrong with them.

i think we should ban the use of quid when referencing prices. too many conversions to do.

About $60 for Tevas.

Has anyone found their normal shoe size is not the same as dress or formal shoes size. Like wth?

Yup… I wear a size 10. I had to buy a 9.5 for some Kenneth Cole’s I own and had to buy a size 11 for another pair of dress shoes I own. I don’t know why it’s this way. You would think the measurements wouldn’t change…

I wear different sizes for different types of shoes and also for different manufacturers of shoes.

just picked up some boots (ordered) $250

The Jack Boot in Grey/Oxblood

CFABB, I know you’re drooling



gaudy ass shoe — I like it

needs a real slim cut suit to match

I have 2 pair of sneakers. 1 to go to work and out 2. to work out. That is it

I probably have 40 pairs of shoes/boots. Maybe more.

Those are pretty legit

You can get the Tumi briefcase version also for matching…

I’ve attended thousands of meetings in my career and never once noticed anyone’s shoes.