How much do you use CFAI vs. Stalla books to study for L1?

Hey guys, I am about to register for Dec L1 and need some advice. Not sure whether to purchase the books or the ebook (not sure i want to spend the money to buy both either). So my questions are: -How much do you use the CFAI books compare to Stalla/Scheweser books to study for Level 1? My background: Need to study part time as I have a full time job. passed CPA exams, work doing acct for PEs and VCs so i get a lot of exposure to valuations. I also have a B.S. in Finance and Accounting. Has anyone used the ebook? Is it a pain to use? Thanks for your help and good luck to the June exam takers.

It’s totally up to you how you are going to study. If you plan to study using CFAI books, don’t get ebooks. I didn’t like the software they provide to open/study Ebooks. I am not even sure whether you will be able to open on Ipad or kindle. Books are always handy, I will recommend getting them, especially this is not a computer exam and you don’t not be proficient in reading on computer so why stress the eyes? But it also depends upon your taste whether you prefer to read using ebook or on paper.